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Making Tax Digital - MJS VAT Filer

From April 2019, all VAT-registered business with a turnover above the threshold are legally required to submit their VAT return online.

During 2018, MJ Software were approached by multiple accountancy firms in South Wales, asking us to provide an easy to use solution.

The overall aim of the software was to: -

Allow clients to carry on using Excel for their bookkeeping solution

Clients who are on a legacy versions of Sage Accounting, can carry on using their software and use MJS VAT Filer to submit their VAT returns

In January 2019, MJ Software became a recognised supplier of MTD Software solutions by HMRC.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-VAT support - can be used by Accountancy firms to handle their client's submissions
  • New updates are automatically installed. As HMRC change the requirements for MTD during the year, the latest version of the software is automatically installed for you
  • Includes remote support, via the industry standard TeamViewer

Very Easy Steps:

  • Compile your Excel spreadsheet, must include the nine boxes which make up your VAT return
  • Log Into the Software
  • Drag and Drop your Excel file
  • Match up the cells from your spreadsheet with the 9 Boxes of the Return
  • Press the submit!

Video Presentation

It is recommended to watch the video full screen in order to see all the details of the steps required

System Requirements

  • Any software package can be used to create the Excel file, including Numbers on the iPad. Provided the end result file is an Excel spreadsheet.
  • To run MJS VAT Filer you need to ensure you have a Windows computer running Windows 7 or newer.
  • In order to submit your VAT return and receive software updates for MJS VAT File - a broadband connection is required

Contact us today to discuss how MJS VAT Filer can help your business comply with the new regulations