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Poseidon Offshore Health & Safety Limited: Trident..

Trident is a back office management system for Poseidon Offshore Health & Safety Limited (POSH).  POSH are leading providers of Health and Safety consultants who work within the marine, seismic and engineering field.  

Having worked with a sister company of POSH for many years, in 2013 MJ Software was tasked with building a bespoke back office software package to manage their enquiries, jobs, customers, and team of consultants.  

The client's requirements:

  • To build a package capable of handling all enquiries/jobs within one system.
  • Provide a dashboard warning system to alert the team to various important deadlines, such as the expiry of personnel medical certificates, etc.
  • Be capable of storing many-to-many relationships between a job and various companies.
  • Handle documentation associated with the enquiry/job process.
  • Share contact information with mobile phones.

What was delivered

  • A relational database was used to model the relationships between companies, contacts and suppliers.  
  • Within the windows software, after log-in depending on permissions, key alerts on the state of jobs, companies, personnel records, etc are shown on the front screen dashboard.
  • Jobs can be quickly and easily created, contacts linked to the same job, and the relationships between the job and contacts managed.
  • Emails can be dragged and dropped into various elements in the system, and are automatically tagged, depending on the screen they are dropped into.
  • A synchronisation tool was provided allowing key information to be sent to Outlook, allowing the team to have on hand all contact information.

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